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  • "When We Make Love" (Prod By. JB Thomas)4:19

  • Aquafina3:29

"Carpe Diem Sound" is one of the hottest new Hip Hop Artist today. Born in East New York Brooklyn, Carpe Diem Sound began his musical journey in reggae sound systems and was a DJ and MC traveling all over the United States battling other sound systems to win competitions. Among one of his accolades, Carpe Diem Sound was featured on Hot 97's "Who's Next" stage at Sobs in New York City. In 2013 Carpe Diem was interviewed by Vice magazine to discuss his anti-drug views about a song he wrote about the then popular drug "molly." Vice Magazine asked Carpe Diem Sound "what kind of impact would you like for your music to leave on people ?" Carpe Diem Sound said according to the music Industry Hip Hop music is marketed to people of the ages 15-25 leaving the 26-40 age group out of the loop. His hope is to bring the gap in hip hop that all can enjoy.


While many people expected Tink to release her debut Think Tink album in 2015, the Chicago rapper/singer revealed that she was given a release date by Epic, but due to so many internal conflicts, it was never released. She told DJ Vlad that she has since left Epic and is only signed to Timbaland's Mosely Music Group, which will allow her more freedom to do what she wants with her music.
Moving along, Tink also touched on the generational differences between her and Timbaland on releasing music, as she points out that newer artists like to rapidly drop tracks, unlike the artists during Timbaland's heyday in the late 90s and early 2000

  • Broke My Heart 3:05

  • Dark Skin4:54


Nikki Grier's story is like a page turning New York Times best seller drenched in heartfelt soul. At the age of twelve, Nikki signed her first recording contract with legendary music executive Lou Adler. She went on to record and release her first gospel album as part of the group "All God's Children". Nikki has sung background vocals for Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, and Leon Ware just to name an amazing few. She has also opened for the legendary funk band, Rufus featuring Sly Stone. 

n 2006 she was invited to a songwriting session with Dr. Dre. That one session turned into Nikki signing with Dr. Dre’s publishing company. The six years Nikki spent at Aftermath enabled her to showcase her talents writing and/or singing lead and background vocals for Dr. Dre, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent and countless others.

  • Best I Can (Feat. Habit Blcx)3:57

  • Nobody Like You3:27


Jayd Ink has released some of the city’s most assured R&B music in recent years with her Invitation Only EP and introspective loosies such as Truth Is and DarkSkin. The industry in Atlanta has taken notice: she landed a feature alongside London Jae and T.I.,

which isn’t surprising given the smoothness of her production and vocals and the classic hip-hop influence on her sound. With the release of the latest project, Invitation Only EP, Jayd has caught the ears and eyes of audiences worldwide.
This has led to many features and live events, showcasing her musical flavor.

Vedo is a 23-year old American singer, songwriter and entertainer most recognized for his stellar performances on season four of NBC’s popular talent competition, The Voice. Born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan Vedo began singing at the age of 9 when his mother discovered his vocal ability was above average, impressing anyone that heard his distinct tone, range and perfect pitch. Although his voice was certainly a gift, it was a curse as well, bringing more attention than many of his peers in the form of admiring girls and fast crowds. His childhood wasn’t easy, moving from place to place, homeless more often than not and as a result, Vedo developed a tough attitude that eventually led to trouble in school, fighting and not achieving his true scholastic potential so in 2008, Vedo’s mother decided he needed a change and moving to Atlanta, GA......


Having only begun her solo career in the summer of 2014, Jasmine Jordan has already been named “An Artist To Watch” by urban tastemakers, including DJ Booth, Daytrotter, and Singersroom. Her debut album, Time Travel, “brings back the style of 90’s R&B/pop, while still coming across like a breath of fresh air.” (Planet Stereo Live) Released in March 2015, the video for the title-track features artist, Blanchard De Wave, and has garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube. Jordan embarked on a U.S. tour in support of Time Travel during the spring of 2015, selling out venues in Los Angeles and Seattle. Furthermore, in celebration of Beck’s 2015 “Album of the Year” Grammy win for Morning Phase, Jordan was hand-selected by Capitol Records to cover his single, “Turn Away.” Jasmine released her follow-up project "Things Change".