TYCKO  HOUSTON RAP/HIP-HOP ARTIST _ Started Writing In High School Like My Senior Year 07, Started Rapping In 09, Been Loving It Ever Since.
TYCKO HOUSTON RAP/HIP-HOP ARTIST _ Started Writing In High School Like My Senior Year 07, Started Rapping In 09, Been Loving It Ever Since. TYCKO HOUSTON RAP/HIP-HOP ARTIST _

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A rapper that has every element of being an artist. I introduce you to iamDonJuan. Born Maurice Campbell Jr., in the hip hop Mecca, Bronx NY and raised on the hard streets of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, Don has seen and experienced it all. If it was not for the experience in the school of hard knocks in the streets this lyrical genius would not have properly developed into the artist that he is today. Instead of rapping and making songs about the struggles and pains that he went through, he would rather uplift and be a positive figure from the hood that loves a woman as well as life. “I'm a Momma’s boy and want to glorify the woman through my music,dollar” says Don Juan. “When you hear my music I want to encourage hope and take all pain away,” he added.

A veteran of 8 years in the rap game, he took his craft very serious from the start, staying in the studio day and night making this his job. With over 4,000 songs to date “literally” and learning to run the studio equipment himself, he has become a true artist. What is an artist? That’s the million dollar questions? Well if an artist is a studio rat, a songwriter, a performer, someone who can make a song, a people person, a musician, a vocal arranger, a team player, a leader, a ladies magnet, a different sound, a certain swagger, and a listener. Then Don Juan is the artist that has it all.


producers to vocal artists such as his cousin Lil' Mama, Bruce Wayne CEO of Midi Mafia, 50 Cent's former top producer Chris Styles of Dangerous LLC. In addition, while he has been pursuing his musical career, VOICE has had the opportunity to be mentored by: Tony Yayo of G-Unit, Juelz Santana of Dip Set, close friend Shannon Jones- former writer/artist of Bad Boy, Mack Maine president of Young Money, and the biggest of them all, his mother. It is through these mentors that VOICE has "stayed focused and determined" to be a master of his craft and win over audiences by bringing the music that hits their hearts, their minds, and their soul. "VOICE"

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Wavvy smoking hot artist out of Brooklyn doing his thing with that slick talk Smoove flows & heavy punchlines. His style is a hint of the legendary Easy -E this talented rapper is definitively a force to reckon check out Wavvy you won't be disappointed in what he has to offer as an artist some of his music was featured on coast to coast mixtapes as well as many other publications thru out the us. With that being said I rate Wavvy as one of the best-unsigned hip hop artist I've seen & heard in a long time, what are you waiting for press play and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about don't say I didn't tell you so Wavvy is the truth.


Steve Corbin Jr. is an upcoming Hip-Hop artist based out of Houston, Texas. His ability to create witty punchlines and combine them with his seamless delivery​ captures your attention all the while making it seem so effortless. He has been writing songs since the age of nine and started recording music at the age of thirteen. Steve compares his writing style to that of a J Cole mixed with a Drake. Although, Steve has gained popularity on Facebook because of his comedy sketches, he has no doubt in his mind that music is his passion. His latest album “Perspective” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. 

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Son of a soldier, Se’von moved around much of his childhood, finally settling in Detroit and the middle class suburb of Mount Clemens, Michigan. Dodging dealers, boosters, and thugs, Se’von managed to run in the streets without allowing them to determine who he would become. In a single parent home, the temptations of the hood began to get the best of him; needing somewhere to turn… he turned to music. 
During the 2004 Rap vibe Summit in Chicago, Se’von wowed an audience of artists and industry executives, producers, and promoters; a showcase that catapulted his name into the mouths and ears of some of the most