A young talented rapper looking to carry strong island all the way to the top. Dedicated to supplying, not only the rap game but also the fans who love and appreciate what we do, with relatable and enjoyable music. There a lot of people who claim to be rappers but I've come to learn it's not who you are or what you do, but how you do what you do and how you be who you are. 


What do people like to eat before and after sex? Lifesum released data around what people enjoy eating, but how many of them have merit in the Bedroom.  


Top 10 MTV artist. NPR lists Shelita Burke as one of the top 100 artists to check out. Notable performances are KEXP, Sundance Film Festival, and New York’s Village Voice mentions her live shows as “a must see!” While most DIY artists think locally and regionally when booking their gigs, Shelita Burke’s empowering, one gig at a time success story shows the impact a unique artist can have on a global level.  


​Allianza was born in Laurel, Maryland in 1996. She started singing at the age of three and was writing short stories at the age of five and soon thereafter, she began writing poetry. Through her creativity, she developed a passion for writing songs, and she would practice daily to memorize her songs so that she could perform in front of her family. ​

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Award Winning Artist Jake Aldridge blessed the Station last night with his hot New Single Numb Feat. Kelly Jenns

The 21-year-old former bestie of Kylie Jenner, a month past her exile from the Kardashian-Jenner family due to a cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian's now-ex Tristan Thompson, has a surprising new project: She stars in 16-year-old YouTube star and singer Justin Roberts' upcoming music video, "Way Too Much," along with fellow social media influencer Sofia Jamora, 21.


What do you get when you mix the vocal influence of Whitney Houston, Charisma of Michael Jackson and Usher, the style and creativity of Bruno Mars, and the audience connection of Maroon 5? — You get Cam Anthony. This soulful and artistic young man has a pure sound with an infectious style and swagger.

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The Main Office W/SHAUN G The Season 4 finale, and god only knows what season 6 have in store.